Preview: Mini series reaches its exciting climax this Thursday


Will Michael Openshaw, already guaranteed silver, take the top spot on the podium? [picture courtesy Keith Thompson]

The Mini series reaches its climax on Thursday, with podium places still up for grabs

In the 18-39 mini league, leader David “the Arra” Sparrow has both marshalled and raced 6, and will be trying to improve on one of his points. Everyone below him except Michael Sloanes have raced 5 (Chris Burns, Dave Cleugh and Jonathan Foreman) and could make a podium place, depending on who appears and who wins. Michael Sloanes needs to marshall (although might choose to race and improve one of his 29s). All of the aforementioned except Jonathan could take the gold position.

In the 40-55 league, leader Stuart Cook has raced the maximum number and also marshalled. Second-place Michael Openshaw has only raced 5, and a finish will ensure he wins while his silver position is guaranteed. The bronze step will be a scrap between Lee Ridden, Steve Gordon, Richard Barnett, Mal Gray and John Mabbitt, all of whom have only raced 5 or even 4.

In the 56+ league Rick Mitford has already taken the gold position, while the silver position will be fought between Dave David Burns, Tom Guy, David Marshall and Ray Haldane (although Ray will only profit if the other don’t finish or compete). The same riders will battle it out for the bronze.

In the Ladies Ingrid Shepherd already has the champagne on ice, while Lesley Goodrum and Sandy Cheung grapple for silver. The score between them is 2-2 in the series, although Sandy beat a headcold-afflicted Lesley in Saturday’s Terry Proctor.

In the overall competition, the top two placed riders, ingrid and Rick, have already raced the maximum and will want to try and improve on one of their scores. Michaels Openshaw, Sloanes, and Chris Burns have one set of points to add, which could result in one of them taking the overall (a mere 10 points separates positions 1-5!). Sixth-placed Dave Sparrow and seventh Stuart Cook have also banked 6 sets of points and marshalling, and might be overtaken by Dave Cleugh, currently in eighth. Kris Adlington could also move up from 9th as could Steve Gordon, while Lesley Goodrum, Dave Burns (snr), Jonathan Foremann, the injured Terry Ottaway, Tom Guy, Lee RIdden, RIchard Barnett, Mal Grey, Dave Marshall, Ray Haldene and John Mabbit could all make a top 10 position, depending on other results.

It’s going to be a great evening’s racing; please come along and support it or, better still, help to marshall (no previous experience necessary).