Mini series 7 results and report

[All pictures courtesy Keith Thompson]


Supervet Shaun Tyson smells victory and posts a 2015 series record time of 20:16

We had an exciting evening’s racing for Mini Series 7 with 3 riders on 20-minutes schedules, and PBs for a number of others. Vet Shaun Tyson provided an impressive winning 20:16, followed 16 seconds later by Michael Openshaw. Last week’s winner Johnny Harrison had 20:54 on a course which was drying following the afternoon’s rain, but by no means totally dry. Michael Sloanes nearly equalled his series PB with a fine 21:09 and was followed by an impressive series newbie Angela Hibbs with 21:29. As you will see below last night’s results will mean a nailbiter finale for next week’s overall and age-related tables with many riders aiming to improve on their lowest points (remember, we count the best 6 and also add 30 marshalling points where relevant). I should mention that you don’t have to ride 6 events to be included in the final results and everyone who entered or marshalled will be placed. Many thanks again for all our marshalls which means we had 5 on the road again, with an energetic Chris Burns pushing off and yours truly timekeeping. I have decided to award the top 3 certificates in each category, plus the top 3 overall. We should also note that the vast majority of drivers were both sympathetic and tolerant, and the new large signs must be having an effect (and thanks once again to Dave Marshall for setting them up).


Michael Openshaw heading to second place with a fine 20:32 and a series PB.

25 June results











Junior Christian Webster-Reed posted a fine 24:13.

In the 18-39 league Michael Sloanes reduces Dave “The Arra” Sparrow’s lead to 7 points but Michael has not yet marshalled whereas Dave has. Both have six qualifying races but Dave is the one with the opportunity to improve his lowest points (race 1 = 24). Equally tantalising, Chris Burns has only five qualifying rides and must race next week to have a chance of winning (and is only two points off Michael Sloanes). Dave Cleugh only has five races on the table and can also make ground next week, and an outside chance for the podium is Jonathan Foremann (who slashed his series PB) who is dependent on other results. Where is my Premier League predictor when I need it?!


Jonathan Foremann was another Cestria rider who set a PB.

18-39 overall R7










With Michael Openshaw racing again, Stuart Cook’s lead is reduced to a mere 2 points, but Michael has only raced 5 whereas Stuart has now set all 6. However, Stuart is guaranteed a silver overall since both Lee Ridden and the chasing Steve Gordon are too far behind. Had series newbie Chris Lax been there from the start, it might have been a different story (Chris got a fine 21:31 last night)


40-55 overall R7



John Mabbitt was another Cestria rider who set a PB, and has worked on streamlining his position on his classic single-speed mount.

Not even the hassle of organising tomorrow’s Open time trial on the course could deter Rick Mitford from another empathic win, and he set a series PB with an excellent 21:51 and has won the 56+ series – many congrats. Dave Burns lead on second place was reduced by Tom Guy’s marshalling points (both gents have now marshalled and have only set 5 results), and a mere 11 points separates them. Dave Marshall, who set a series-best 26:01, is also in with a shout of a podium.


Dave Burns (senior) remains in second place overall.

56+ overall R7


Angela Hibbs set a women’s series record with a fine 21:29 on a course she does not really know.

Ingrid Shepherd was pipped by series newbie Angela Hibbs this evening, but looks set to take the series next week. Lesley Goodrum, suffering from a heavy headcold, holds onto second but has only set 5 races. Sandy Cheung rode a hugely impressive 27:55, particularly since both Angela and Ingrid have dedicated TT bikes and Sandy used a conventional road bike without even clip-on bars. Jill Howarth raced again but is unable to make the podium, so it is down to next week to decide the placings.


Cestria CC lady Lesley Goodrum was suffering from a heavy headcold but competed to keep her chances alive of a podium place next week.


The overall on an absolute tightrope, with Ingrid holding onto her lead by a mere point from RIck. However, both the top two have now got max points and marshalling (meaning they only have the chance to substitute their worst points) while third-to-fifth riders Michael Openshaw, Michael Sloanes and Chris Burns have only set 5 races. Michael Sloanes has not yet marshalled which adds a further complication into the mix.

Peter Scott (please send any errors to me).


Evergreen Vet Rick Mitford powering to a series PB and can’t be beaten in the 56+ category – well done Rick.