Cestria mini-series 5: Leagues within the league

From the mini-series rules:

“Points system; league overall results based on your best four results and, if you choose, your Marshalling points (30). That is to say, if you ride 4 events and marshall once, the 4 are totalled and your 30 marshalling points added. If you ride 5 events and marshall, your top 4 results are totalled plus your 30 marshalling points. Needless to say, you’re welcome to ride fewer than 4 events and they will still be counted.”

mini-series league 2014 05a

In the 18-39 league, Terry Ottaway has won the series, but there is a great scrap for the other podium places. Simon Brooke moved into second since he marshalled, but he has been Mr Consistency. Gareth Clarke, Dave Cleugh and Chris Burns could pinch second place next week, with the latter rueing his puncture in race 2, but Chris has not yet marshalled. All will be revealed next week.

mini-series league 2014 05b

The fantastic ding-dong between novice time-triallist Michael Openshaw and experienced and senior vet Rick Mitford continued with Rick’s superb series record time of 22:04, making Rick lead by 1 point. Both competitors have marshalled, so it’s going to come down to the last race. Lee Ridden is still a close third at 112, but has not yet marshalled. Mark Ridden did race this week but stands to gain from marshalling next week. Damon Devine produced a fine ride with a short 23, and is now equal on points with Richard Barnett on 8th place.

mini-series league 2014 05c

In the 56+ league Merv Ellis finished with an excellent 26:09 with Dave Marshall  producing a series-best 26:36. Dave is challenging Nick’s 1st position and is only two points behind, with both men having marshalled.

mini-series league 2014 05d

Sandy Cheung continued her dominance in the ladies’ league but could not match last week’s series best time.