Cestria CC mini-series, Thursdays from 22 May to 26 June

Cestria CC is delighted to announce our club mini-series time trials, based on two laps of the Leamside circuit. It is open to all club members over 18 years; if you’re not a member it will be possible to join for the rest of the year for £4. Cyclists already a member of a CTT-affiliated club can take second membership with Cestria CC. The entry fee to race is £2 per evening, which is the fee we have to pay to the CTT.

The series will run on Thursdays starting promptly at 7pm, beginning 22 May and the final event will be on Thursday 26 June. There will be three men’s age-related leagues, and a ladies’ league. The final results will be based on your best four races, and there will be points if you marshall on one of the evenings. You can, of course, opt to race all six events but loose out on gaining extra points for marshalling.

It would be most helpful if you would indicate your willingness to marshall as soon as possible; say which of the six weeks you would prefer.

We hope you will support this by entering and/or marshalling this circuit. Details of the age-related leagues and points system are below:

Points system; league overall results based on your best four results and, if you choose, your Marshalling points (30). That is to say, if you ride 4 events and marshall once, the 4 are totalled and your 30 marshalling points added. If you ride 5 events and marshall, your top 4 results are totalled plus your 30 marshalling points. Needless to say, you’re welcome to ride fewer than 4 events and they will still be counted.

You can ride all six events instead of marshalling, but only your best four results are counted.

1st rider = 30 point
2nd rider = 29
3rd rider = 28
4th rider = 27
5th rider = 26
6th rider = 25
7th rider = 24
8th rider = 23
9th rider = 22
10th rider = 21
11th and under = 20 points

Marshall = 30 points
[you can marshall more than once, but only get 30 points once in the series]

Men’s series
a) under 40s
b) 40-55
c) 56 and over
d) Ladies

We really hope you get involved in this project, by racing, marshalling or supporting.cycle-event