Cestria CC does Thorp Thewles country park and cafe (25 Feb 2018)

A large group of club members appeared at Chester Market Place for the planned club run to Thorp Thewles forest cafe, near Wyngard. Conditions were good, with a light south-east wind and about 4C. Peter Sturmann’s route was certainly novel, especially on the return. Included in the group was Joanne and a few others who wanted to do a shorter route, returning via Sedgefield. The group set off at 9.15am and turned left at the former garden centre at Chester Grove (at the A167 rail bridge). We headed south, in the company of two highly respected members/former members, Mike McGill and Dave Penney. At Durham, we rejoined the A167 and passed without event to Sunderland Bridge where we turned east via Hett village. Despite the large number (about 22 riders), we managed to keep together and even stop for a few photos.

We then headed for Ferrybridge station and past Bradbury interchange on the A1M. Here the Sedgefield contingent (Joanne, Jackie and a few other) headed there while the main bunch continued. We split here since we stopped for a quick natter with Joanne, Ian and Jackie, while the main group continued to Great Stainton, but caught them again after Bishopton. The chase was led by Ray Haldene who was in very good form, considering his extended bout of the lurgy in January. Graeme Bradford and Stuart Consett Cook were also impressive in their turns. When we bridged across to the main group, it was cosy in the winter sunshine. We all arrived at the cafe and had something to eat and drink. Unfortunately, I had to return early, so left them polishing off their cakes and followed the main road via Sedgefield and Coxhoe. By one of those coincidences, I met Joanna, Jackie and company after Sedgefield.

It was a super route and many thanks again to Peter for planning it. See you soon!