I have been over to the Leamside circuit tonight to inspect the course and with regret the Time Trial scheduled for Thursday 30th June will not go ahead. I dont think it will be a safe option to run the final event due to the amount of chippings still lying on the surface which looks like it still hasnt been swept,
Its not just down to the risk of riders taking corners fast but the amount of loose chippings that have accumulated in the centre & side of the road also the speed the traffic is travelling on this stretch is causing concern regarding the debris being thrown up by the cars, I would imagine a vehicles stopping distance would be greatly reduced on this gravelly surface should the need arise

I have asked the question if we can reschedule the 2 cancelled events at a later date, and will advise whether or not its possible.

Many thanks to Rick for taking the time to come over & advise on this decision and to Christian for inspecting the course this morning.

Stuart Cook