Event Cancelled (Terry Proctor, Sat. 25 June 2016)

Event Cancelled : Having just been to inspect the course it is my judgement that the road is too hazardous for the event to go ahead. There is a lot of loose gravel on the T-junction at Finchale and also on the LH bend just past the golf range. The straight section of road from the bend to the motorway bridge is covered with gravel and cars are travelling along it way over the indicated 20mph limit, kicking up clouds of dust a gravel. I will send out an email to all competitors to inform them of this necessary cancellation and will request that they send me a quick reply so that I know they’ve received it.  I will go down to the HQ tomorrow morning in case anybody turns up. This is unfortunate and very disappointing. But safety of riders is paramount and over-rides any other factors when making this difficult decision.

Rick Mitford