Round 6 Cestria Time Trial Results & Round up

16 June 2016 resultsBig thanks to all who marshalled: Peter Scott, Richard Barnett, Richard Nichol, David Sparrow, Sarah Wheater & Nick Jobson and Dave Marshall for once again putting up all the course signs
Thanks to all who attended & raced another good turn out from Sunderland Clarion and great to see some new Cestria Members so a warm welcome to you all
The podium positions were 1st Dean Penfold (20.44) 2nd Rick Mitford (22.29) & 3rd Christian Webster-reed (23.18)
Overall positions: Rick Mitford holds on to the top spot followed by Phil Cook in 2nd & Dave Sparrow in 3rd, Rick & Phil have both raced their 6 races so the next 2 weeks can only be used to improve on points from previous races, Michael Openshaw still has 2 races in hand with a potential of a 100 points still up for grabs as does Michael Johnson either could take the 2016 title in the last 2 races of the series. Good luck to all.

Stuart Cook.